Dewatering/ Water Treatment

ECC provides customized turn-key construction dewatering and treatment services, including:


Unexpected structural problems, delays, and budget overruns are often the result of poor advance evaluation of site conditions and lack of planning. Specs or parameters provided by the architect for a water control project are commonly based upon generic assumptions or previous project data. Substantial liability may arise from unanticipated changes in soil stability/bearing capacity, settling of adjacent structures, or unwanted influence on local contaminant plumes. Preliminary geotechnical, hydrogeological, and environmental testing and evaluation are important steps to defining the scope of any water control project.

A proper and economical water control strategy must consider: site-specific subsurface conditions; construction plans, specs, and coordination with other trades; the selection and sizing of construction dewatering and treatment equipment; the space and arrangement of selected equipment; redundancy (fail-safe) features; electrical source and demand; options for automated operation and remote monitoring; system winterization; regulatory permitting and reporting requirements; and maintenance schedule.


Dewatering an excavation requires a plan for disposal of pumped water. Three options typically exist for disposal of water: 1) disposal to a sanitary or combined sewer,
2) disposal to a storm sewer or body of water, or
3) transportation by pump-truck for off-site disposal. For most projects, disposal to a sewer (options 1 & 2) is the most cost-effective approach, and will require a local or state permit prior to discharge. Typical lead-time on permits can range from 60 days to 3 months, so early planning is critical to prevent delays. Similarly, transportation off-site requires an expertise in trucking and disposal facility permit requirements, sampling parameters, and government regulations, in order to properly protect the owner of the site generating the water from liability.

ECC can prepare discharge permit or off-site disposal applications, including required water sampling, for whichever disposal option is selected. Proven expertise in treatment and environmental regulations will help ensure compliance with agency permit requirements.