Dewatering/ Water Treatment

ECC provides customized turn-key construction dewatering and treatment services, including:


Dewatering is an essential part of the excavation phase of most construction projects, whether to mitigate groundwater infiltration or to remove accumulated stormwater. This practice is broadly termed 'water control', and can consist of 'dewatering' the subsurface below the excavation (using deep wells or well point systems to control the water table), 'unwatering' the surface of the excavation (using localized mops/sumps), or a combination of the two. Poorly designed or constructed systems can cause clogging, pump failure, excessive media disposal, and destabilization of the project site and adjacent properties.

ECC provides, installs, and maintains water control equipment to pre-drain groundwater or manage stormwater for a variety of building plans and site conditions. Well point systems are typically the most versatile, and can be employed under a wide variety of site conditions. Deep wells are often a great alternative at sites where excavations are relatively deep, sandy, or require lowering the water table greater than 15 feet. At low-seepage sites where conditions allow, properly constructed surface sump systems offer an economical alternative or supplement to well-points or deep wells. More complex sites may demand custom solutions such as eductors, tiered-depth well points, or horizontal well pumping. ECC can help determine the best option for dewatering by applying experience, review of project plans, and evaluation of site-specific characterization and testing data.